I mentor people  looking for growth in their gifts and clarity in their lives so they can stop feeling stuck, in order to find their life purpose, step into their power & live life with passion and joy.

Mentoring Courses with Ivory LaNoue

Mentoring Courses for Your Spiritual Gift

Mentoring for your spiritual gift with Ivory LaNoue, psychic, mediumship, empath, angel channel

Mentoring courses for developing your spiritual gift to the highest level possible.  Psychic, Mediumship, Angel Channel, or Empath.

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Mentoring for Women-Relationships

Mentoring for women with relationship issues, by Ivory LaNoue.  Relationship cycles

"Healing Your Heart" mentoring for women who are in, or survivors of, toxic relationships.  I support you as you step into your power & move forward into life with joy.

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Some Details



I offer extensive mentoring programs, as well as one session classes, and recorded business courses specific to heart based business.

Extensive mentoring courses:

  • Develop your Spiritual Gift- Psychic, Mediumship, Angel Channel or Empath
  • Empowering women who are in, or survived toxic relationships

Thought Field Therapy Classes

Learn this neuro-science technique to assist people with PTSD, addictions, phobias, and sleep disorders.  Private classes.

Heart Based Business  - Downloads*

(coming soon!)

  • Setting up a Heart Based Business
  • Website Design & Content
  • Writing Effective Blog Posts
  • Social Media That Pays

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Speaking Engagements

I am available to give private group classes in person or via Zoom.

Want to bring me to your event to teach a class or speak on a topic?   Contact me here.

Ivory LaNoue


 My Spiritual Gifts 

Evidential mediumship, psychic, angel channel, empath, spiritual counselor, mentor, and healing facilitator.


Professional Background - Spiritual

For more than 25 years, I have been a professional psychic and healer.  I mentored with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship.

In 1993 I earned my Reiki Master and psychic studies certificates.   I studied with Jan Kennedy, PhD for Medical Qi Gong energy healing in 1995.

Professional Background- Other

Before I did this work full time, I had a long career in the field of mental health.  My last position was Program Coordinator of Mental Health for Yavapai County, Arizona.


Since 1998, I have been mentoring.   Currently I teach in person, by Skype and Zoom.  I also offer some classes you can download to watch later.  I am available to hire for your organization or event.

Students of mine have gone on to establish their own successful careers as professional psychics, mediums, empaths and angel channels.

See the "About" page of this site for more information about me.  I also provide you with links to watch the talk show episodes I have done over the  years.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

What to Expect


Methods Offered

  • Courses are conducted on Zoom in groups of 4, or less.
  • Your group will be at a similar level to you, or have similar issues.  
  • Courses are a set group of classes.  
  • Very soon you will be able to download my classes on building a heart based business, to watch at your convenience.   Download one or purchase the set and get a complimentary 30 minute session with me.

How to Book

Click the "Book a Session" at the top of this page, or follow this link to my scheduling page.


Contact me here.

Contact Us

For questions regarding your group having a private mentoring class with me,

or having me offer a class at your event, 

please send me a message at  

 I will get back to you soon.

Spirituality Development with Ivory LaNoue

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