About Ivory ~ Spiritual Teacher


For over 25 years I have had success guiding and fostering spiritual talent.

In person classes are held at my business, Sedona Soul Sisters; Sedona Arizona's most trusted psychic mediums.

Before I began doing my spiritual work full time, I had a long career in the field of mental health.  I worked with seriously mentally ill persons and ended that career as Program Coordinator for Mental Health for Yavapai County, where I still reside.

I am a contributing writer for Spirit Guides Magazine, Wellness Universe and Sivana East.

For 2 years I had a talk show called Ivory Angelic on Blog Talk Radio.  This was a spiritual education show.  These shows are archived here.  

Currently I co-host a live show on YouTube called “The Sedona Soul Sisters Show”.  This is a fun, educational show on metaphysics, spirituality and paranormal topics.  You can tune in Thursdays at 4  pm Arizona time.  Join the chat room to ask questions which will be answered live on the show, and leave comments.  Here is a link to the show.

These links are provided to you so you can get a good idea of my personality and style.  This will help you know, in advance, if I am a good fit as for you as a mentor.

Taking Your Abilities Higher

With my proven mentoring in spiritual development, you will be able to take your psychic and other gifts to their highest potential.  

A good number of my students have gone on to start their own heart based business.  Due to the information learned in my classes, they avoided common mistakes and were able to build their business quickly.

Action Leads to Success

The sooner you begin mentoring with me, the sooner you can discover all of your spiritual gifts, develop them fully, and move forward with your goals.

If you have been thinking about fine tuning your psychic and other spiritual gifts and doing professional spiritual work, this is a great way to begin that journey.