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Mentoring for Spiritual Gifts

Mentoring courses for psychic, medium, angel channel and empath.  By Ivory LaNoue

Courses for expanding your spiritual gifts to your full ability.  Psychic, Medium, Angel Channel & Empath.  Certificates and Certification offered.

Mentoring for Relationships

Healing Your Heart, mentoring for women in, or out of,  toxic relationships.  By Ivory LaNoue

Healing Your Heart is a course for women in, or survivors of, a toxic relationship.  Learn how to heal, step into your power, and create a joyful life.

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy introduction class.  By Ivory LaNoue

Introductory & Advanced classes for Thought Field Therapy.  Learn how to remove emotional attachment associated with painful memories (PTSD).  Personal & professional use. 

Mentoring Class Downloads


Downloadable mentoring classes in building a heart based business.  Very helpful for those considering starting a business and those struggling in business.