Course Information

Step Out of Pain & Live Fully

  Healing Your Heart Course

  • Are you in, or recently out of, a toxic relationship?
  • Do you feel like you have lost yourself?
  • Is your "picker" broke?
  • Are you a victim of gaslighting, leaving you unsure of what is real or true?
  • Do you feel emotionally beaten down, lacking in self esteem?

This course will help you climb out of the place you are in.  You will understand why this happened to you, how strong you really are, and get the tools you need to build a joyful life on your terms.

Step-by-step you will

  • Regain your confidence
  • Feel assured in your decisions
  • Step into your power & move forward in life
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Get back in touch with the people and past times you enjoy
  • Learn about red flags so you can avoid other toxic relationships
  • Learn how to change yourself so you attract healthy partners
  • Do guided meditation to assist your healing
  • Exercises in & outside of classes

This course includes

  • A private Thought Field Therapy session with me to leave your most painful memory in the past
  • A TFT document which gives you the ability to continue separation yourself from painful memories
  • Private access to my personal email; up to 6 emails following completion of course
  • An ongoing support group made up of your group


What to Expect

This series of 12 1.5 hour bi-weekly classes over 6 months are individualized to meet the needs of your group. Classes are conducted in small groups of women, offering plenty of time for personal attention and questions.  Your group will have similar situations to yours.

How Courses are Conducted

All courses are done on Zoom.  After you purchase a course, you will receive invitations to each 

bi-weekly 1.5 hour Zoom class.  

                      Classes are scheduled for the same day and time, Tuesday-Saturday.                   

Day and time to be determined by the needs of your group.

Investment & Terms

Your investment for each 12 class, 6 month course is just $2430.  This reflects a 10% discount.

Pay in full, up-front to get the discount.

Or, arrange a payment plan of $450 per month, for six months.  Contact me to arrange this.


No refunds.  If you decide to leave your course early, you may apply the balance to another course.

Who am I?

My background is in the field of Mental Health.  I have extensive experience in counseling, mentoring, and providing support.  

I am surviving and thriving after two long term toxic relationships.  I've been where you are now.  I understand how it feels to get beaten down. 


Most importantly...I have successfully done the work to overcome the abuse and step into my power.  My own journey, and the many women I have assisted with this since then, are the basis of this course.  

I'm sharing this information with you so you understand that with insight and guidance, you can do more than survive.  You can thrive!